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Just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife. My sum-up would be "freaking depressing." It wasn't freaking depressing in the sense that Steinbeck or a lot of Thomas Hardy are freaking depressing, but considering I was expecting a playful part-sci-fi, part-romance romp, it turned out rather freaking depressing.

There was a lot of beauty in this book, and a decent amount of humor, but those only made up about half the (rather too many) pages; the rest was pain and grief and ugliness. (Examples? Oh, dysfunctional families, alcoholism, drugs, incurable diseases, miscarriages, beatings, amputations, lethal accidents, suicides, regular old grief on a pretty much ongoing basis...should I continue?) And that was too high a proportion for me.

Henry and Clare were a romantic, steamy couple, yes, and I appreciated the unusual nature of the time travel in this story. Well, not unusual if you watch Doctor Who, but relatively unusual in literary fiction. However, Clare was nearly the *only* great thing to come out of Henry's time traveling, aside from one or two cool tricks regarding lottery numbers or stocks (they should've employed more fun ideas like that). Mostly it subjects him to awkwardness, horrible injuries, and poignant visits in the past to people who've since died. Realistic, maybe, if one can use the word "realistic" for this plot, but a delightful read? No way. Especially not the last quarter or so, when it becomes clear we're in a downward slide toward death. I detached myself emotionally before that, so I only felt somewhat depressed rather than heartbroken and mascara-tear-stained. (Not like I wear mascara much anyway.)

The reading group guide at the back included the question, "Would you call this a comedy or a tragedy?" Excuse me? In what universe would this be considered a comedy? I don't want to live in that universe.

The writing's pretty good, in that poetic, details-of-the-moment, first-person, present-tense style that so many "literary" novels take on these days, even though articles tell us writers we shouldn't use first person much, and should almost never use present tense for an entire novel. Some people get to break the rules and be on Oprah's reading list anyway, it appears.
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On the whole: writing and creativity: full marks! Big hurrah for Steven Moffat being ushered in full-time and Russell T. Davies being somewhere else entirely. Minimal Daleks and Cybermen; that was good too.

Rory! You will not dis Rory in my presence. Sure, the 11/Amy chemistry was tasty and quite amusing, but I didn't get the impression the Doctor honestly wanted her--he treated her like his granddaughter. So I'm ultimately all about the Rory/Amy. And that said, the season finale, well--Spoilers! )

So, we're left mostly with the River Song storyline as the big mystery next to be tackled. And as to River...I don't know. Her plotline is certainly intriguing, but I don't exactly feel fond of her. I don't hate her, either. I could just...take or leave her. And it feels like they're writing her with this notion of "OMG, she's so cool, the fans will love her," rather than giving us a reason to love her. Hrm. Oh well. Still looking forward to next season.
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Things I've given up in recent years that I don't particularly miss:

Most of my hair products
Getting into arguments online (yes, email counts)
Cute but uncomfortable shoes
Seeing movies in the cinema
Watching violent or depressing movies
Keeping up with the news

I could also make a list of things I've given up that I do miss and hope to have again someday, but I'm focusing on the positive here. Comfort and simplicity are of the good.

Humor, meanwhile, is always good. So enjoy this inspired blend of Weird Al and Doctor Who, in which it is proven that David Tennant's Doctor is, indeed, white and nerdy. No wonder I loved him!
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I'm only 3 episodes in to season 5 of Doctor Who (so no spoilers, please!), but wanted to log in my surprising love for Eleven and Amy.

So far, despite Matt Smith being (I think) the youngest Doctor on record, he actually comes across as more fatherly, even grandfatherly, toward the humans than Nine or Ten did. The old-man clothes might be part of it, but his mannerisms (and those brow ridges, somehow) are too. In short, he had me at his faintly shocked delivery of "Get a girlfriend, Jeff!"

And Amy--feisty! Scottish! Ginger! Yay! I'd totally want her if I were gay.

It feels like a completely clean start to me: new companion, new Doctor, new TARDIS even, with the plus of having Moffat as chief writer. That whole oddly-human angst of Ten's that I did love at the time but which was emotionally exhausting--eh, we're done with that, we're starting over with plain old fun.

But the Daleks in fresh new Kitchen-Aid colors? That was just silly. Come on.

New Who icon to come, as I get further along and find 11th-Doctor moments I want immortalized. In the meantime Ten can stand in.
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Amazing--I actually care about some stuff coming up on TV in the relatively near future:

Starz is airing the miniseries The Pillars of the Earth, beginning tomorrow. I read the novel by Ken Follett about fourteen years ago, and unlike most novels I read fourteen years ago, I actually remember some of it. I know I liked it. So I'll be curious to see that--and am especially avid given that Rufus Sewell is in it. (Playing a good guy, no less!)

HBO, as all good fantasy geeks know, is hard at work on Game of Thrones, based on the G.R.R. Martin series. Click on that link, and oh LOTR fans, feel your heart swell to see Sean Bean looking ever so Boromir-y as Ned Stark.

Meanwhile, in the Doctor Who world, I'm finally watching "The End of Time" and preparing myself to let go of Tennant and embrace Matt Smith and the other newbies. I've loved Moffat's episodes so far, so I'm actually looking forward to series 5 a great deal. Whenever they get around to releasing it on DVD. Hurrah!
mollyringle: (Dr Who - animated Fireplace kiss) - This one for those who fancy the Doctor most (features Nine and Ten)... - ...and this one for those who fancy the Master.

Both are to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" (which I've always liked inordinately much), and fit the song's grandiose quality quite well. Also, though I haven't caught up to the newest Who yet, these are totally making me want to!
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I've seen this a couple times, and what with the cool TARDIS-related Flair [ profile] dirae sent me over on Facebook, I guess I better fill it out...

When you see this meme, quote Doctor Who in your LJ.

The Doctor: Come on, we can all have a good flirt later.
Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor?
The Doctor: (sigh) Fifty-seven academics just punched the air.

- "The Shakespeare Code"

The Doctor: Must be a spatial temporal hyperlink.
Mickey: What's that?
The Doctor: No idea. Just made it up. Didn't want to say 'magic door'.

- "The Girl in the Fireplace"
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1) Finished watching Doctor Who, season 3. spoilers )

2) I would be remiss as a linguist if I didn't link to this story: students in Baltimore (and elsewhere) are using "yo" as a gender-neutral third-person singular pronoun. Examples include "Yo threw a thumbtack at me" and "Yo looks like a freak." In short, these kids have managed to do what no well-meaning politically correct language fashioners have been able to do in centuries. Not sure it will catch on everywhere, but it shows there is hope for that cumbersome he/she/one/they business in the third person singular. I think it's great. Oh, come on, it's fun! No, the language is not collapsing. Languages never collapse. Stop being so stuffy.

3) Farewell, Heath Ledger. I am saddened, as I was only just beginning to appreciate you. Also, I have a two-year-old child myself and it breaks my heart to think of your girl growing up without her daddy. So this better not have been intentional or I'll be really angry with you.

4) I'm off to get braces. I'd be apprehensive about the pain, except that the spacers they put between my molars have already inflicted pain upon all four quadrants my jaw for the past week, rendering the eating of crunchy things impossible. So I feel prepared. And you may call me Titani-M* for the next nine or ten months, or however long it takes my little crossbite to straighten out.

*The brackets and wires are a titanium blend nowadays. Stronger, smoother, smaller, faster, sexier, etc.
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If you, like me, are in the chilly Northern Hemisphere and pining for the green of spring, maybe you would be interested in this wallpaper:

I took this photo near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, England, in April of 2004. People had left coins on this ancient old stone pedestal, for luck or to appease the fairies or something, I assume. I should note that the wall in the photo is not actually Hadrian's Wall. It's a sheep fence, more likely, whose stones were possibly stolen from the original Wall.

Doctor Who watching notes: we recently saw the two-parter "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood," which was like getting to see David Tennant perform a different role altogether. If you (like me) are into that idea, it makes for good viewing. If you (like my husband) want to watch Doctor Who in order to actually see the Doctor, it isn't so great.

But we both agreed on tonight's episode, "Blink," being awesome. It reminded me of Buffy's "Hush" episode, in being artistically beautiful and terrifying at the same time, with tight writing, many a cool twist, and plenty of humor to save the day. Can we just let Steven Moffat write all the episodes, please? Oh, and my husband remarked that Sally Sparrow is cute. Even I thought so, and I don't generally swing that way. I see now why her name crops up so often in fandom discussions, even if she never shows up in another episode. (I don't know as of this writing whether she does. I may spoil myself by going to look it up, though.)

Cheers and goodnight.
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In browsing Doctor Who fanfiction, I've noticed a recurring trend in the titles--the "five times" (and often "the one" in parentheses) title. True examples:

Five Times the Doctor Reduced Things to Science (and One Time He Didn’t)
Five Times Rose Tyler Didn’t Master the Art of Mascara Application
Five Times The Master Tried To Get The Doctor Drunk (And One Time He Didn't Have To)

What is the deal? Where is this from?

Incidentally, we're five or six episodes into Season 3 now. I like Martha quite well, and kind of want to shove Ten to make him notice how lucky he is to have such a smart, reliable, pretty companion instead of still moping over Rose. (Who I also still like, but really, poor Martha deserves a bit more attention.)

The Shakespeare episode was one of my favorites so far. The Harry Potter references! Hee. Not many shows could combine Shakespeare and HP and actually pull it off.

Another great moment was the basket of kittens (a.k.a. "the kids") in "Gridlock." Simple comedy cracks me up sometimes.
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One thing I love about Doctor Who is the out-of-the-blue moments of comedy, particularly in the form of the Doctor being cluelessly dorky. Two such examples that cracked us up from the episode "Fear Her" (these hardly count as spoilers, just being little moments): 1) his picking up the marmalade jar in someone else's kitchen and dipping his fingers in for a taste, and 2) his responding to the subject line (which, he later realized, was directed at a cat) with, "Thanks! I'm experimenting with backcombing." I'm grinning irrepressibly again in the mere typing of the words.

Which is good, and which I must focus upon, because next comes the two-part season finale of S2, and I know how "Doomsday" ends already (I totally caved and watched the last six minutes without even caring what came before), so now I'm dreading it with a pain rivaled only by my dread of the Grey Havens scene before ROTK came out. And the Grey Havens was almost less poignant because Frodo didn't *have* to leave (he just did to annoy us all), whereas Rose and the Doctor have no choice in how things end up. I shouldn't mind so much. I'm not even a shipper here! But if it hurts him, it hurts me. That, ladies and gents, is precisely how lame I have become.

Uhh, so yeah! Comment if you want to discuss fun moments and smutty fanfic that will make us all feel better. I imagine spoilers will occur, so look out below.
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Regarding episodes "The Idiot Lantern" and "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit"...Read more... )

Odd, isn't it, how you can be someone's fangirl/boy without shipping them with anyone, or a shipper of a pair without being a particular fangirl/boy of either person in the pair, or a megafan of an ensemble cast with or without having favorites or serious ships within it? Or maybe I'm just flexible that way. Some people do seem to ship everything they come across, or cannot ship if they don't lust after someone in the pair, or what have you.

Oops, there's me rambling again. Time for bed.
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We've now watched disc 2, featuring episodes "Tooth and Claw," "School Reunion," and "The Girl in the Fireplace." Really enjoyed them all. Though the Doctor's temporary Scottish accent was tasty and delightful, and of course it's fun to think of royal werewolf issues, I liked the second two episodes better for (Evil Giles! and also...) the depths they showed in the Doctor's character--particularly as he relates to Earth women.Duh; spoilers. )
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...that I have lived up to my own prediction and already fallen into belly-tingling crushhood with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. I would like to blame this shameful fangirliness on my female LJ friends (I'm lookin' at you, [ profile] dirae, [ profile] modmerseygirl, and [ profile] sopdetly, among others) who primed me for the Ten Love, but really nobody else can cause me to crush on anyone. I've only seen two full episodes of season 2, but have come to the inescapable conclusion that he is one lickable hunk of geek-chic manliness (really, does it get any geekier than playing The Doctor?)--chirpy voice, silly facial expressions, horn-rims and all.

So I'm now in that annoying spot where I want to see all kinds of fanfic, videos, photos, and icons (I did pick up three new ones already) but have to be careful not to spoil myself on later episodes; yet I also don't want to rush through the remaining episodes because I must savor them. They are of limited quantity and the first time is always so precious.

No double entendres consciously intended in this post. They just crept in by themselves.
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All righty, I'm hooked! Sometimes takes me a full season to see how they round things out and maximize the drama, but I do get there if the show's worthy, and I call the new Doctor Who worthy. spoilers )

It was a real treat to get a glimpse of David Tennant at the end there! I was fond of Nine and his loverly accent, but I got over my minor parting sadness when Ten-Nant arrived and ran his tongue around his new teeth. Let's face it, he is totally my type, what with the wide eyes and untamed hair. Lest you need convincing of this being my type, let's review a photographic sampling of just a few of the many Boys I Have Obsessed Over In My Lifetime:
The Monkees
Robert Smith of the Cure
Elijah Wood
Toby Stephens, especially as Mr. Rochester
And of course my husband.

Yeah. No hope for me. Bring on the Ten!
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Where I am in season 1: just finished "The Doctor Dances." I'll just echo [ profile] kalquessa by saying, "Well, hel-lo, Captain Jack. I've heard so much about you, I feel we've already met." Handsome laddie, much? My, my. And I'm sure I'm only fan #462,931 to say this, but Read more... )

Okay, I'll ask the really stupid question now and get it over with: With a time machine on their hands, why don't our heroes jump into the Tardis anytime something goes horribly wrong, go backward in time a bit, and fix the circumstances? Yes, I know: "Because then there wouldn't be a story." But why else? Something to do with it being difficult to end up on exactly the right day every time?

And nanogenes that can fix everything including death--well, that seems to be a pretty big problem-solving device. On the other hand, if you save someone who was "meant" to be dead, giant fell beasts appear and start tearing the space-time continuum apart, so save lives sparingly is I guess what they're saying, eh?

I like Eccleston; I really do. But I'm not crushing on him, which, to judge from photos, I could well do for Tennant, so I look forward to that adjustment. Still, I think I'll miss Nine in a way. He has his fun points.

And uh, did Rose bring enough mascara on her time traveling adventures? Yeegods. I like her too, but yikes. Really.
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1. Things that amuse me, part one: The Vatican ought to have a pastry shop called "Donut Nobis Pacem," don't you think? (See Dona Nobis Pacem to get stupid joke.)

2. Things that amuse me, part two: Jim Carrey on how his union with Jenny McCarthy has been dubbed "Jimeny": "To be part of that tradition is amazing, to be TomKat and Brangelina, and going back to Markapatra and Napolephine. So, it’s not such a bad thing, really!" Hee hee.

3. Doctor-definitely-not-Dr-or-Il-Dottore-or-Doc Who: Have watched the first Eccleston/Piper disc so far, all of three episodes. I like it! I don't love it yet, but of course I need to time to get invested. Still, Simon Callow as Dickens was a treat; and as to "The End of the World" all I can say is: They had me at "Tainted Love." That's the kind of irreverent silliness I can approve of. (And it's probably the exact point at which several of you decided the new series sucked, which is your right, but I do love me some off-the-wall dorkiness.) Anyway, neither of the leads bother me, but Eccleston does look a lot like a former boss I had, which is disturbing, so I won't mind Tennant taking over.

4. I have this sort of ambitious Halloween idea of getting you guys to send me little sound files of you reading a pre-assigned line of some traditional ghostly tale like "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", which I would then splice together into a cool LJ-people Halloween voice montage. If interested and able to record your voice into a tidy mp3, go ahead and comment and we'll see if the idea flies. [Edit: Voice posts work. I think this can fly!]


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